Canadian Aero Accessories

Aviation Accessories

  • Aviation Precise Machining

    Canadian Aero Accessories (CAA) in-house machine shop is constantly turning, welding, balancing, and testing.

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  • Aviation Electrical, Electronics, and Technology

    Starter Generators, Generator Control Units (GCU), switches, lights, Recirculation Fans, Voltage Regulators.

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  • Aviation Mechanical Capabilities

    Blowers, De-Ice Systems, Timers, Valves, Switches, Bleed Air Flap, Trim, Landing Gear, Spoiler, Thrust Reverse Actuators, Actuated Valves

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  • Aviation Hydraulic and Skydrol Capabilities

    Pumps, Cylinders, Accumulators, Actuators, Valves, Switches.

    Hydraulics 5606 and Skydrol, Landing gear, Brakes, Actuators.

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  • Aviation Fuel Components Capabilities

    Fuel: Boost Pumps, Engine Driven Pumps, Shut-off Valve

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Canadian Aero Accessories sells and services a wide variety of components for Piston, Turbine, and Jet Aircraft. Since 1964, we have been providing support for your Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electronic and Pneumatic Components.

With a $1.5 million parts inventory, we can offer unmatched turn around time on your components.


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