Canadian Aero Accessories


  • Aviation Electrical, Electronics, and Technology

    Starter Generators, Generator Control Units (GCU), switches, lights, Recirculation Fans, Voltage Regulators.

    Expert Advise

    CAA partners with OEM suppliers and customers to identify, diagnose, and repair problems and faults. One accessory may require expert knowledge in different capacities and CAA's divisions have in-house cross-division experts.

    Sophisticated Test Equipment

    CAA experienced technicians test and diagnose aviation electronics to assure the best economic repair and overhaul is performed. Reliability and safety of aircraft electrical accessories is crucial and systems and processes assure quality control.

    As an accessory repair shop (CARs 573.02) for diverse customers from around the world Canadian Aero Accessories (CAA) technicians are the first to recognize patterns and issues of common problems. We advise customers and officials of findings to assure appropriate measures are taken to assure reliability and safety.

    CAA stores department stock a compressive selection of airworthy electrical parts to offer our straightaway service on repairs. Once the repair is complete, additional testing to assure manufacturer standards are met.

    The electronics department can replace, repair, and overhaul many components. Use our convenient capabilities look-up, call our friendly and knowledgably staff, or email for a prompt response.

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