Canadian Aero Accessories

Emergency slide test facility

  • To inflate the emergency slides quickly and reliably CO2 is used. A part of CAA internal ability is to test and re-fill cylinders, ranging from O2, CO2, and Halon.

    1. test facility to deploy large and small emergency slides

    2. hydrostatic Co2 bottles

    3. Co2 vessel overhaul for recertification

    4. Co2refilling station

    Canadian Aero Accessories safety division has special abilities to inspect, test and recondition emergency slides.

    Halon Aviation Fire Extinguisher

    Canadian Aero Accessories (CAA) tests and recertifies fire bottles/cylinders for the aviation industry. CAA ensures Halon recovery and recycling in a controlled environment.

    Safety System Shop

    Components related to safety devices are assessed according to the manufactures maintenance and service protocols. Years of training and experience make Canadian Aero Accessories technicians' experts in the industry.

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