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  • Aviation Hydraulic and Skydrol Capabilities

    Pumps, Cylinders, Accumulators, Actuators, Valves, Switches, hydraulics 5606 and Skydrol, Landing gear, Brakes, Actuators.

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    Canadian Aero Accessories will provide you with stamped recertification documents to keep your aircraft off the ground.

    Hydraulic Systems

    Our facility can repair and test hydraulic system under pressure and simulate conditions. CAA works on most aviation hydraulic systems, which include 5606 and Skydrol.

    Hydraulic Motors

    CAA's ability to work on gear, vane, and radial piston hydraulic motors that are most often used to drive jackscrews for power flaps, stabilizer trim and some vertically extending land gear.

    Hydraulic Cylinder

    Linear hydraulic motor or hydraulic actuator is a mechanical actuator that provides a reversible force in a single direction for landing gear extension and retraction, cargo door operation and movement of light control surfaces.

    Hydraulic Pumps

    CAA can service, repair and overhaul different aviation pump systems:

    - Gear Pumps

    - Fixed Displacement Piston Pumps

    - Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

    CAA repair and perform maintenance on large and small aircraft pumps that operate above and below 1500psi.

    AC and DC Electrical

    CAA has the equipment and knowledge to work on both DC and AC power including three phase AC motors that run hydraulic pumps.

    CAA's continuous training and safety procedures ensure the safe handling of Skydrol and 5606 to eliminate contamination and environmental impact.

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