Canadian Aero Accessories


  • Aviation Mechanical Capabilities

    Blowers, De-Ice Systems, Timers, Valves, Switches, Bleed Air Flap, Trim, Landing Gear, Spoiler, Thrust Reverse Actuators, Actuated Valves

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    Canadian Aero Accessories will provide you with stamped recertification documents to keep your aircraft off the ground.

    Aviation Mechanical: Gearbox, Ball Screws, Mechanisms

    Boost Pumps, Fuel Pumps, Servos, Landing gear, Brakes, Actuators

    Internal Moving Parts

    Disassembly of mechanical accessories to inspect and measure the moving parts. Following the OEM guidelines, Canadian Aero Accessories technicians make sure the part is fully functional and will advise of any irregularities.


    Bleed air power motors are serviced and repaired in CAA facilities where it combines electronic, fluid, and mechanical abilities.

    Under Our Wing

    CAA goes the extra mile to make sure you are ready for takeoff. The team at CAA gives you straightaway service to make sure current manuals and parts are in-stock, efficient workflow between departments, certification and documentation is accurate and complete, with proper packaging and shipping to assure a timely return of your aircraft accessory.

    Every technician at CAA is trained and mentor to become the best in the industry. With extensive technical and Human Factors training combined with a Six Sigma like culture, there is a never-ending endeavor for quality control.

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