Canadian Aero Accessories

Pressure Vessels

  • O2, Co2, Halon & N2 bottles

    Pressure vessel/bottle are employed in different aviation apparatus from inflating emergency and life preservation to fire suppression systems CAA can test, overhaul, refill and recertify.

    Air Worthy Pressure Vessels

    Cylinders are tested and re-certified using a combination of manufacture specifications, Transport Canada, FAA, and EU guidelines.

    50 years of regulated aircraft component repair is transferred to safety systems division

    Oxygen Bottles

    Self-contained, high pressure, fixed oxygen sources that supply controlled pressure aviation oxygen. Regulators and delivery apparatus deliver suitable pressure for orifice-type or demand-type mask assemblies. Regulators are either of a toggle-type or lever-type. Toggle-type regulators ensure error free use by keeping the systems on or lever type to regulators offer safe on/off actuation.

    The portable oxygen systems are that provides a constant flow breathing system and the type of cylinder determines the life limit before recertification is needed.

    CAA basic oxygen bottle service is to hydrotest the cylinder, perform a functional test on the regulator and refill the bottle.

    Fire Bottles

    Fire extinguishers cylinders filled with Halon protect the aircraft's Engine, APU, Lavatory and Cargo compartments.

    Types of Fire Bottles

    Two types of fire bottles:

    - o-ring, bottles, seals pressure using o-rings

    - hermetic bottles seals the pressure through a welding process

    Blowdown Bottles

    A blowdown bottle is a highly pressurized cylinder containing nitrogen, which is used to force open doors or to bring down landing gear.

    Rectification testing

    Dependent on the bottle, five years and other units it is ten years.

    Standard Overhauls and Cartridge ("Squibs") Replacement

    Fire bottles may require interval replacement of squibs, which depends on service history, manual guidelines, and time.

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