Canadian Aero Accessories

Safety Systems

Safety System Capabilities

Actuator, vessels, and components related to safety devices are assessed according to the manufactures maintenance and service protocols. Years of training and experience make Canadian Aero Accessories technicians' experts in the industry.

  • Aviation Halon Fire Bottles

    The 50 years of aircraft maintenance experience is transferred to the service and repair of your fire suppressant and floatation equipment.

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  • O2, Co2, Halon & N2 bottles

    Pressure vessel/bottle are employed in different aviation apparatus from inflating emergency and life preservation to fire suppression systems CAA can test, overhaul, refill and recertify.

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  • Emergency slide test deployment facility

    Emergency slide deployment test facility ensures proper inflation and operation.

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Canadian Aero Accessories sells and services a wide variety of components for Piston, Turbine, and Jet Aircraft. Since 1964, we have been providing support for your Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electronic and Pneumatic Components.

With a $1.5 million parts inventory, we can offer unmatched turn around time on your components.


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